The birthday cake is the highlight of any child’s birthday but did you know that cupcakes can be just as exciting?!?!?

Whether you’re making your child’s birthday cake/cupcakes or buying, you have lots of decorating options to choose from. To help inspire you, I have listed a few really cute easy DIY cupcakes and cakes anyone can make, as well as, a number of cake designs on the Jessie’s Party Stop Pinterest board, Christmas Birthday Cakes.

Bake your own!

For the bakers like me (when I have the time and energy), it’s really nice to make a homemade birthday treat. Growing up, we always believed homemade cakes were really special. They offered a sense of old-fashioned love despite not always looking as good as they tasted! 

And you can’t get more old-fashioned than baking from scratch! No boxes for us….but then I became a mom and boxes it is!

Although, I love baking from scratch, and they offer a healthier alternative to boxed cakes, sometimes it’s just easier to cut open a box!

TIP: If you like to bake from scratch but don’t always have the time to get all of the ingredients together, pre-make them! To do this add all of your ingredients to a mason jar with the recipe taped to the lid or back of the jar. When you are ready to prepare your baked goods, dump the “jarred ingredients” into a mixing bowl, add the wet ingredients and bake!

Photo Source: its always autumn

I love how it’s always autumn home made this Christmas Birthday Cake; it’s even shaped like a Christmas Tree! They offer a full picture tutorial on how they created this timeless birthday cake here!

When it comes to decorating, personally I think cupcakes are easier to decorate than cakes. They are small and offer a perfect size top to swirl up a tree or make a snowman’s face.  You can even turn them into a cake!

Cupcake Inspiration


Photo Source: With Sprinkles on Top

Reindeer exude Christmas, especially these ones!  With Sprinkles on Top came up with amazingly easy and, if I say myself, very cute Christmas themed cupcake for your child’s birthday.  For full instructions on making these cuties click here.

Cupcake Pull Apart Cakes

Photo Source: Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams

Snowmen Cupcakes

Photo Source: one little project

I love snowmen, especially the faces we give them!

One little project came up with these perfectsnowmen cupcakes, perfect for your Christmas celebrations or Birthday party! 

You and your kids will have have a blast upcoming up with different faces to give them!

If you are not much of a decorator or just plain don’t want to be bothered (totally understandable), don’t let your cupcakes or cake fall flat in the design category. Fancy Flours has the solution!  They offer cake and cupcake toppers for any occasion! Check out their site here

Many of us don’t have the energy, time or confidence to make our own and honestly they tend to hit the “Pinterest fail list”. But, hey, that’s why we have bakeries! (I use them too, more often than I would like to admit.) 

For all of you non-bakers, I have a list of bakeries throughout South Jersey that can help create your child’s perfect cake….Tell them Jessie sent you!! 

Sweet T’s Bake Shop: Haddonfield NJ, 856-428-0222

Sweet Eats:  Voorhees NJ, 856-429-2005

Diane’s La Patisserie:  West Berlin NJ, 856-767-8080 
The Sweet Life Bakery: Vineland  NJ, 856-692-5353

Classic Cake:  Washington Township NJ, 856-262-7400

A & E Cake Design: Westville NJ, 856-432-6314

Sweetboro Pastry Shoppe: Swedesboro NJ. 856-241-7722

Carlo’s Bake Shop: Marlton, NJ 856-452-5522

DiBartolo Bakery: Collingswood, NJ 856-869-3365

Summit Bakery and Cafe: Woodbury Heights NJ. 856-848-7082

Happy Baking and a Happy Christmas Birthday to your child!



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