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“Girls just wanna have fun!”- Cindy Lauper   PJ parties are quintessential girl bonding experiences; a must-have for your daughter and her friends! I asked my 10 year old what she thought of when I said PJ party.  With a smile, she said PJ parties are sleep overs with all her girlfriends with movies, pillow fights, […]

“Girls just wanna have fun!”- Cindy Lauper  

PJ parties are quintessential girl bonding experiences; a must-have for your daughter and her friends! I asked my 10 year old what she thought of when I said PJ party.  With a smile, she said PJ parties are sleep overs with all her girlfriends with movies, pillow fights, roasting marshmallows, and lots of giggling. 

PJ parties can definitely be traditional sleepovers, PJ parties can also be thrown during the day for a great time…without the 3 am giggles! 

For younger kids and parents that would rather not stay up all night with their sleepless guests’ – breakfast PJ parties are just as fun. 


The type of invitation you send depends on the reason for your super fantastic PJ party…is it a play date? A birthday? A just because its Saturday party?

Greetings Island has a bunch of cute free invite templates which you can access here.

Looking to order cute invites online? Check out two local South Jersey Etsy Shoppe owners:

My Invitation Shoppe

Party Perfect Design


You have two options here. You can either go completely laid back without decorations or you can go all out (which I highly recommend) and throw a totally fun and unique PJ party!

If you are willing to put in some hard work and time at the craft store, then take a look at this! Snowy Bliss threw some pretty awesome PJ parties and the decorations will blow your mind.

Looking to have “breakfast in bed”? Well then, the answer is simple….dress your table as a bed of course! Check out Snowy Bliss’ blog on throwing a Night Owl Party!

Photo Source: Snowy Bliss

If your little girl is less of an owl and more of a princess, she’ll love her Princess and the Pea Party….mattress table included! Check out the blog for full details!


Your food options will depend on if you are only serving food for a daytime party or if you are entering into the munchies zone…midnight!

If you are having a daytime PJ party, your food choices will depend on the time of day you are serving. You can go super simple with chips, pizza or sandwiches but like I say…if you’re willing to take it up a notch, DO IT!

Breakfast bars are a great food option for any time of the day. I mean…who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? If you are thinking of a breakfast themed meal, head on over to Joyful Homemaking for instructions on setting up your very own pancake bar!

If your kids aren’t into pancakes, you could swap them out for French toast, waffles or even a cereal bar! Have picky eaters, combine them for an all in one breakfast experience!

Kids more into pizza? Try a pizza bar….kids can make their own mini pizzas to their liking!

To get a full tutorial on setting up your personalized pizza bar, visit SheKnows.

If you’re not interested in a DIY buffet or simply don’t want the mess, order in! You can never go wrong with pizza and chips!

No matter what food you choose to serve, do yourself a favor and instead of caffeinated soda, which will definitely keep those beauties up all night, offer them juice, water and milk and go light on the candy and baked goods, especially the chocolate ones! These delicious devils are notorious for keeping kids up way past their (and your) bedtime.

Looking for a little something cute to display and eat? Head on over to Jessie’s Party Stop’s Pinterest board, PJ Party for some creative cookies, cupcakes and cakes!


No matter, whether your PJ party falls the in the AM or PM, the activities don’t need to change! These parties don’t need a lot of structured activities, especially for the older ones who are great at comping up with activities. 

Just in case structured activities are needed (or wanted) here are a few popular ones for your perfect PJ party!


Every girl loves to get a beauty makeover!  Turn your bathroom or even your dining room into a beauty salon! 

The girls will have a blast doing each others hair, nails and makeup! If you have a decorative rug under your table, be sure to cover it in case someone spills nail polish!

To set up this beauty bar, you’ll need a few supplies:

  • Hair brushes and combs

  • Hair curlers

  • Hair gel or mousse

  • Hair ties, bows and bands

  • Assorted nail polish colors with Q tips and nail polish remover

  • Assorted make up sets (sets sold at many discount makeup stores)

If you’ve got a crowd of little girls that are still into dolls, invite them to bring their dolls to the party and they can get a makeover too! 

Pillow Fight!

I haven’t met a kid yet who doesn’t like a good pillow fight!  Instead of risking your own special pillows being destroyed in this all out game, head over to the discount store and buy some super cheap (non-feather filled) pillows for the girls to use! Give them a clear space and let the pillows fly!

Make a Fort

Forts are really cozy spaces for girls to crawl into to share secrets, read books and play whisper down the lane. During the party, invite the girls to work together create the perfect fort for themselves.  To create their one-of-a-kind fort, all you need are a few chairs, sheets and/or blankets.


Find a favorite (non-scary) movie and let the girls settle down into their sleeping bags with a bowl of popcorn.  This is a perfect way to end the PJ party or in some cases, the sleepover. 

If it’s a daytime, PJ party, this is a good way to wrap it up and if you’re heading in to the “sleeping” portion of the sleepover, the kiddos will hopefully be tired and ready to catch some Z’s at this point.

Dance Party

Girls love to dance especially when at a party! Throw on some music and let the girls dance like no-one is looking. 


When listening to music, my kids enjoy learning the words to their favorite songs and sing along with the music. At your PJ party, dust off your karaoke machine and invite the girls to sing their little hearts out to all their favorites!  To increase the girl fun, suggest they duo or sing all together! 

Now that you have a plan in place, sit back and enjoy the girls being girls and having fun celebrating their girl-ness! For more PJ party ideas, visit Jessie’s Party Stop’s Pinterest board, PJ Party. 

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