Leona Konkel is recipe blogger and Jessie’s Party Stop guest blogger. She posts recipes regularly at her food website, Foods I Like (foodsilike.net). She loves cooking and baking, especially desserts, and hopes that by sharing recipes, she encourages others to cook. 

I love to bake. I’ve been writing about some of my favorite recipes since 2010 on my recipe website, Foods I Like (foodsilike.net). 

I started Foods I Like when I challenged myself to make 365 new recipes in 2010, but I continue cooking and writing because I enjoy sharing my recipes with others. I try my best to feature easy-to-make (or so-delicious-you-don’t-mind-cooking) recipes. While I love desserts, I also enjoy healthy recipes and baking of all kinds. It’s my hope that you’ll find a recipe to make that you’ll enjoy. I’m very excited that Jessie invited me to share some of my favorites with you here at Jessie’s Party Stop.

Originally from the Midwest, I’ve lived in New Jersey for three years with my husband and toddler. I studied psychology and Japanese culture as an undergraduate and have a Master’s degree in Japanese Literature, and have worked in higher education and medical education. When I’m not cooking, I enjoy reading and spending time with my family.