What is Jessie’s Party Planning Service

Jessie’s Party Planning Service

Personalizes your child’s celebrations by finding, booking and making all the arrangments for you with the best party Venues, Entertainers and more that South Jersey has to offer.  

No party is too big or too small. 


 Call us today 

and have Jessie personally plan your child’s party!  



How does Jessie’s Party Planning Service work?

1: Complete the attached forms or call us directly! 856-270-8909.

2: Once received, we will get in touch with you. Using the information you provide,  we search our database for just the right match for your child’s party. 

3: When we have a few choices that are available for your date and time, We contact you and send an invoice. 

4: Once the settlement is made, we provide you with all the details we found; Name, contact info, deposit info, and information about their services. 

5: Now, you can either book your own party knowing it is a great choice or we will book your party for you, letting you relax and show up to your party knowing all is right with your child’s party!